Email Service

Our Email Marketing Services India is receded by world-class setup which permits high deliver-ability for bulk email campaigns to the target audience. At Vrusha Online, we trust that Bulk mailing is a robust medium for digital marketing and we have designed our services to take care of every aspect of mail broadcasting. Our easy-to-manage email marketing brings you an amazing experience setting up your own email campaigns to the next level by increasing the relevancy by providing detailed insights. We apply to email marketing best practices to ensure that messages are delivered to their intended recipients.

Email Marketing Plans: We give you a special option of choosing the best plan which fits your requirements. According to your business requirements and customer requirements, we get you with the best plans to choose from with all the features remaining intact. Our core features include emailer crafting, then planning according to campaigns and scheduling the same to send it to your users. This all happens in no time which gives you the best service possible.

Email Marketing Automation: Email marketing automation is an ecosystem that helps marketers to send effective messages suited to the needs of subscribers. Email marketing automation gives marketers robust control over data management, segmentation, deployment, personalization, and customer journey design. It helps marketers send effective messages best suited to subscribers' need.

Features of Email Marketing Services:

We care for our customers, thus we bring you the best features with exceptionally unbelievable prices.

  • List Management: Manage your contact lists with advanced segmentation features that enable you to dig through your email lists and help you target your segments efficiently.
  • Subscription Management: Assuring complete CAN-Spam Compliance, A personalized URL for updating users' preferences and an automatic unsubscribe link is attached at the bottom of each mail.
  • Message Scheduling: Schedule your campaign at a time/date that suits you best. Get delivery reports/notification immediately on your message gets delivery into your subscriber’s inbox.
  • Email Tracking: Track and calculate each of the emails sent and delivered with a better view of how the campaign is doing with user-friendly interface
  • Open and Click-through Tracking: Detailed and automatically updated response summary when a person clicks on the links or opens your messages. Further information on individual clicks and or total versus sole opens.
  • Bounce Handling: Deep insight into mail bounces to determine if you permanently need to delete such email ids from your list or should make another attempt to communicate with such recipient. To learn more about Bulk Email marketing Services and understand how it can help you generate ROI, get in touch with us today.